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Enjoyed a wonderful weekend at my favorite Bed and Breakfast - Fleur de Lys in St. Louis. That gorgeous home has been seleccted as one of the top 5 in the USA and top 7 in the world by TripAdvisor. We performed an original dinner mystery I wrote for them and had a blast. If you're looking for a fun weekend check out their website   Fleurdelys

By the way the food is outstanding. Be prepared to chow down on one of the best breadkfasts you're ever had. I can smell their famous special bacon already. Yes!

Additional news:

I have sad news to report. Linda Houle of L & L Dreamspell passed away suddenly and the company had to close its doors. So Smudge had been pulled from the market.

Smudge has been republished by Wild Rose Press a fantastic company with an impressive list of quality authors. They have agreed to place my book in their care. Emotions surge when you get that notice. Each time this happens, the thought that what I have to say has value, tugs at my heart. This book especially was a challenge to write from a female perspective and I was unsure that I could pull it off. I must thank my "editorial staff" once more - my writing group. Called the Write Stuff, five wonderful talents patiently input and extracted commas, and delicately admonished, "A woman would never say or do that."

Thank you, Sue A., Marilyn G., Sue H., Angela M., and Debby M.


A short story of mine, called Stuck In Valhalla was published in audio form by Sniplits. It was read by a professional and unfortunately that company also had to cease doing business. I now have the rights and will be offering it for sale in the near future. Think Twilight Zone lands in the Ozarks. 

I received a great response from someone I consider a mentor. Barbara D'Amato graciously offered to read and comment on my novel Smudge. Here's what she said:

  Trisha Morgan is a great character, believable, strong, yet vulnerable, and her buddy Heather is a hoot. The reader is rooting for them both in this fast-paced story.

By the way if you want to read some great mysteries check out Barb's books.

Barbara D'Amato

I was a finalist for a 2008 Eppie in the mystery category for Moon Over Chicago. How cool is that? This was a tremendous honor. 

*** Hey, I didn't win but just being nominated is an honor. I'm very blessed.

I'm now a proud member of Sisters In Crime (SinC). This organization was formed to promote those great female mystery writers and I'm more than happy to join the effort.

I'm so very honored to have been awarded a Golden Wings Award from my publisher, Wings ePress, Inc. for Shepherd's Pie.

The Golden Wings Award is presented twice each year, in May and November, to the one book that the Senior Editor of the department feels best exemplifies wonderful story telling ability, great characterization and exceptional writing skills. 

My department included Romantic Suspense; Romantic Mystery; Gothic; Inspirational; & Encore L’Amour:

I'm thrilled with the covers for my books.  Marvin Mann designed my first two and what great covers they are.  Marv is a wonderful graphic artist and has done quite a few book covers for Wings.  Visit his website here

Her Name Is Mommy has a cover designed by Pat Casey. It really reflects the sense of the book.

Check out the first chapter of Moon Over Chicago and Her Name Is Mommy.

  Proud member of EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection)

I am owner/moderator of the Publishing and Promoting Yahoo group with over 1000 international writers, publishers and editors as members. Pretty proud of that.

   Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoy my work and I’d love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.  I promise I’ll read each message.  I can’t promise a response, but you never know.

  If you’re new to the site I invite you to read the first chapter of my novel. 

  If you liked Shepherd’s Pie the sequel will be done in 2005 titled Her Name Is Mommy.  See below.


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Writing should be fun-it is!

EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection
EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection
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