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                                Author J. D. Webb            


                    Publisher:  Wings ePress, Inc.
                                    P. O. Box 555                                          
                                    Newcastle, OK 73065   

Novels: Shepherd's Pie   ISBN: 978-1-59705-936-6  ISBN: 978-1-59705-067-9
     Moon Over Chicago   ISBN: 978-1-59705-893-9  ISBN: 978-1-59705-111-X
    Her Name Is Mommy  ISBN: 978-1-59705-237-X  ISBN: 978-1-59705-790-8


                     Publisher:  L & L Dreamspell
                                    P. O. Box 1984                                          
                                    Friendswood, TX 77549-1984       



Novel: Smudge            ISBN: 978-1-60318-211-9    ISBN: 978-1-60318-210-2

    J. D. Webb has been a full time author for over 12 years and has 4 books published.

Shepherd's Pie released in October 2006

P.I., Mike Shepherd encounters the most cold-blooded, steel-hearted man he has ever run into.  Ferlin Lewis vengefully slays neighbors and even plays cat-n-mouse with Shepherd just to watch his enemy squirm.  Mike cannot let Ferlin escape again.  He must draw upon his every survival instinct to stay alive and track down this psychopath who deserves to die.

Moon Over Chicago released in December 2006.

Amateur sleuth and cobbler Fulton Moon (yes, his nickname is Full Moon) encounters beautiful and sinister Lucinda Mathews.  Lucy, wife of prominent florist Arthur Mathews, wants to escape an abusive husband and Moon only wants to help.  It isn't that simple.  Helping results in muggings, kidnapping, blackmail, and, oh yes, even murder.

Her Name Is Mommy a sequel to Shepherd's Pie released in March 2007.

        Chicago PI, Mike Shepherd spots a child silently crying on an otherwise empty mall bench.  Mike and his fiancé try to help four-year-old Madison.  He alerts mall security about the lost child and a surveillance tape reveals one hour earlier a man had kidnapped Madison’s mother.  

 Mike's quest is to rescue the little girl's mommy while dealing with a disgruntled federal officer and a nasty family gang..


Smudge released in Feb 2014


All paralegal Trish Morgan wants to do is grab a few bucks at her ATM one night. She finds blood on the screen and then hears a moan. Should she investigate or not? Fighting her apprehension, she ventures into the alley next to the bank and discovers a dying woman. While Trish’s attention is diverted frantically calling 911 for help, the injured woman slips a DVD into Trish’s purse. The DVD is a video of a hit of a Chicago mobster, which identifies the hit man.

The assassin stalks Trish somehow seeming to know her every move. He calls her at work, demanding the return of the disk and warning her not to notify the police. Too late, the police are already involved. Trish is torn about what to do.

Best friend Heather, a wanna-be PI, tries to help. Then Trish learns her abusive husband, Jim, is involved in shady dealings. She decides to separate and file for divorce, moving to a local bed and breakfast to begin a new life. How deeply is her husband involved? How will he react to her leaving?  

 Jim’s silent partner decides to resolve his problem. Trish again must rely on her inner strength and wisdom to escape a life-threatening nightmare. 


    Webb's success surprises no one who has seen the quality of his work.  His fourth novel, a stand-alone thriller called Smudge, was published in July 2010. He is currently writing a timely novel of Afghanistan titled The Sun Also Sets. And in the works are a sequel to Her Name Is Mommy titled Aftermath and a sequel to Moon Over Chicago titled Chicago Moon. 

    The usual pile of rejection slips has never been high for Webb.  He had only eight rejections before landing a contract at Wings.  You can name few authors with such a track record. Shepherd's Pie received a Golden Wings Award for excellence in writing and Moon Over Chicago was a finalist for the prestigious Eppie in 2008, an international competition in the Electronic Publishing Internet Connection(EPIC).
    He is fast becoming known as an entertaining speaker at local organization meetings.  A quick wit and a generous dash of information regarding the exploding world of electronic publishing make him an interesting and entertaining guest.

    J. D. Webb presents a stellar workshop titled "How to add suspense to your killer novel" delighting attendees and explaining the delicate difference between suspense and action.

    Webb owns and moderates the popular Publishing and Promoting Yahoo Group with over 1000 authors, publishers and editors worldwide.