Her Name Is Mommy:

In the tradition of Mickey Spillane, J. D. Webb crafts another taught thriller that brings back tough guy private investigator, Mike Shepherd.  Her Name Is Mommy  is a thrill ride that will keep breathless readers guessing through a maze of plot twists.

Grateful when a Christmas shopping trip with girlfriend Diana Barton is interrupted by a kidnapping at a shopping mall, Shepherd, hero of Webb's novel Shepherd's Pie, takes charge.  The wife of a wealthy Chicago contractor has been kidnapped, leaving behind four-year-old Madison.  Mall security, police, and the FBI offer far less than the hard-boiled detective. Shepherd offers to switch places with the kidnapped woman's husband and delivers three million dollars in diamonds to a bold gang of kidnappers led by desperate ex-con Bryan Bisch.

Bisch's motives go beyond the millions in ransom money. Blaming the contractor for the arrest that led to his imprisonment, Bisch intends to kill the contractor and the hostage. Only one man stands in the way of his well-planned perfect crime, Mike Shepherd.

Aided by the resourcefulness of the brave hostage, Shepherd seizes an opportunity. In an old-fashioned suspenseful shootout, he frees the hostage, but a final twist nearly ends Shepherd's life.

The end will leave the reader wanting more Mike Shepherd novels. Here's hoping that J. D. Webb doesn't make us wait too long.

Michael Murphy
Class of '68
Cold File

Jan Lutovsky's Christmas shopping trip takes a terrifying turn of events when a menacing stranger uses her own limo to kidnap her.  Her little daughter huddles on a nearby bench, hidden by her mother's packages, until she is noticed by Private Investigator Mike Shepherd and his girlfriend Diana.

The ransom demand is huge. An arrogant, inept FBI agent infuriates Jan's husband, wealthy developer and entrepreneur, enough that he hires Mike to investigate the kidnapping and find his wife.  That's when the games begin.  Can Mike outwit the diabolical kidnapper and save Jan's life?  Can Jan save herself?  And, the question arises,why Jan?  Mike finds himself in as perilous a situation as his client's wife.  Will either of them survive?

As always, J. D. Webb delivers a well-written novel that keeps you turning the pages.  If you want to find the answers to the questions, you'll have to read the book! 


Silver Sisters Mysteries
Best 2007 Audio Book Mystery, USA BOOK NEWS

Shepherd's Pie:

With Shepherd's Pie, J.D. Webb dishes up a deliciously enticing concoction. Part cat-and-mouse thriller, part tongue-in-cheek send up of the tough P.I. genre, Webb's story is chock full of genuine thrills and hilarious tidbits. His tough and terse fiction might easily brand him as the Mickey Spillane of the Midwest. Give him a try. I think you'll find yourself quickly hooked by this tasty offering.
William Kent Krueger
Tamarack County

I liked the masculine voice of this, Mike Hammer, style shoot-um-up. Private Detective, Michael Shepherd has his impressive military background, and past police training to help keep him out of trouble. But then, along comes the most cold-blooded, steel-hearted man he has ever run into.
Ferlin Lewis evilly threatens and intimidates every person Mike has ever loved, and one-by-one vengefully slays his apartment building neighbors. Ferlin even plays cat-n-mouse with Shepherd's girl friend, Diana, just to watch his enemy squirm. Yet, Mike knows that somehow he can't allow Ferlin to escape again. He must draw upon his every survival instinct just to survive. He must track down this psychopath who doesn't deserve to live.
JoEllen Conger
Cinderella And The Stripper

Meet Mike Shepherd, Chicago's pie-loving P. I., whose on-again, off-again relationship with lady-friend Diana rivals that of Spenser and Susan. When former cop Mike's longtime nemesis, madman Ferlin Husky Lewis, kidnaps Diana with murderous intent, the chase is on,but just who's chasing whom? The action never lets up in a pulse-pounding game of cat and mouse as Lewis toys with his prey and wreaks havoc with Mike's colleagues and neighbors.
The gents will savor the rock 'em, sock 'em action, and the ladies will relish the romance, as Mike, Diana and their cadre of resourceful friends dish up a story with something for almost every taste.
If you have an appetite for nonstop action with a satisfying dollop of romance, help yourself to Shepherd's Pie served up J. D. Webb style. I guarantee you won't go away hungry.
Judith K. Ivie, Author
Waiting for Armando

Shepherd's Pie is an old fashioned, tasty dish and was the perfect title for JD Webb's mystery debut. Harking back to the lovable, flat foot detective novels of the good ol' days - Webb has delivered a truly enjoyable read. Ferlin Lewis represents evil personified and is the bane of Mike Shepherd's existence. An escaped felon, with survivalist training Lewis was a formidable adversary, Mike knew all too well. For Shepherd this was no game, he wanted nothing more than to see this psychopath neutralized. The intensity of the madness increases with each chapter, as Lewis threatens everyone close to the former cop. When Shepherd's love interest, Diana is kidnapped, the chase heats to the boiling point.You can almost hear the oven timer in the background, as the reader continues to question who is really doing the chasing. This cozy mystery has something to suit a variety of tastes, a great mix of heart stopping action, sprinkled with a little romance and quick dashes of humor, Shepherd's Pie is much more than a half-baked wannabe, this is the real deal!
Happy Reading!
RJ xx
3Rs-Real Reader Reviews

Moon Over Chicago:

Moon Over Chicago is an enjoyable mystery. Readers are treated to a colorful narrative of Chicago as Fulton charges full steam in keeping his friends out of harms way as he aids Lucy in her escape from Arthur Mathews. The plot develops at a well timed pace and there are plenty of twists and turns on the way. Along with the action there are plenty of laughs with Fulton's humorous point of view.
I highly recommend Moon Over Chicago.
D K Gaston
D. K. Gaston Book Reviews

I loved the undertone of Chicago's underworld in this tale of Fulton Moon, Private Detective's tactics to correct society's wrongs, and to protect the innocent. But as tough as he likes to think of himself, he still has a soft spot in his heart for a pretty face. Much to his chagrin. There is a lot of great background color to this hard hitting, fast moving tale.
JoEllen Conger
Conger Book Reviews

Moon Over Chicago by J.D. Webb. What a fun read! Fulton (Full) Moon is a shoe cobbler like none you've ever seen. He doesn't take kindly to threats and has a contagious curiosity. When a supposedly battered wife comes to him for protection, little does he know that her husband, who owns a flower shop and a multitude of exotic cars as a front, is a tough guy with tougher friends. It gets worse and worse, as he is beaten up and his livelihood in the shoe repair shop, Moonshines, is threatened by the angry husband. The seemingly vulnerable gangster's wife has entrusted him with something that could blow the lid off and when she wants it back, we find out that we shouldn't trust first impressions.
J.D. writes in a funny, tongue-in-cheek style that is reminiscent of 1940's mystery series like Phillip Marlowe. It is a joy from front to back and leaves you wanting to read another of his books.
Morgan St. James, A Corpse In The Soup, a Silver Sisters Mystery, Wings e-Press, Inc. and Shopping For Dancing Shoes in Chicken Soup for the Shopper's Soul

What do you get when you combine a curious cobbler, a dead florist and Benjamin Franklin Washington? An amateur sleuth mystery novel over-flowing with entertaining characters that will keep you guessing and occasionally giggling.Fulton Moon is a shoe repairman who takes on side jobs from time to time as a Private Investigator. It is one of these so called, side jobs, that leads Moon into the Chicago underworld and sets in motion a series of unfortunate events. When Lucinda (Lucy), the purported battered wife of flower shop owner, J. Arthur Mathews comes to Moon seeking protection and a means of escape, he is at first, reluctant. With undeniable video proof that the businessman murdered local florist, Russell Armstrong, Moon advises her to go to the authorities. However, because of her husband's powerful connections, she is convinced fleeing is the only option. Moon could never have anticipated that his efforts would result in blackmail, kidnapping and much worse. From five star restaurants to murder, Moon bumbles his way through avoiding both serious injury and jail time. What started with a plea from a battered wife will serve as a permanent reminder that first impressions are not always trustworthy and one should never judge a book by its cover. JD Webb captures the reader's imagination and never lets go! I look forward to many more mystery adventures from this new author.
Happy Reading!
     RJ   -D
3Rs-Real Reader Reviews

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