This is my story and I'm sticking to it!


    I live in Forsyth, Illinois with Judi, my wife and best friend of over 45 years, and our toy poodle, Ginger.  I lose all domestic votes 2 to 1.  Writing has been a life-long interest ever since, as punishment for being mischievous, I was thrust into a creative writing class.  I've never hesitated to be mischievous again. 

    Four years in the Security Service of the Air Force serving fifteen months in the Philippines and a short stint in Viet Nam in 1965 and 1966 as a linguist, fluent in Chinese preceded 24 years in various management positions with the A. E. Staley Mfg. Co., 

    Then I was promoted to cobbler, owning a shoe repair and retail shoe store for 11 years, closing in 2002, when I became a full-time author.

My three novels were published by Wings ePress Inc. 

The first is Shepherd's Pie.  Read excerpt by clicking on Shepherd. The first in the Mike Shepherd series.

The second is Moon Over Chicago.  Read excerpt by clicking on Mooned. The first in the Fulton Moon series.

The third is Her Name Is Mommy.  Read excerpt by clicking on Mommy. The second Mike Shepherd book.



The latest book is Smudge.  Read excerpt by clicking on Smudge. It's a stand-alone thriller.

Published by wildrosepress


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